Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I can’t blame god for my failures because I don’t believe in Him, so I have found other noble substitutes for Him. These substitutes only make my failures more easily explainable. I tell someone ‘luck’ and he wishes me ‘next time’. Failure becomes so faceable with these substitutes. Without these substitutes, I don’t know how I could have explained people about how my age desires for instant gratification and life desires to live upto the expected and that I am my age and my life is the expected of me.

Why do I crave for success, why do i try to find a substitute to make an excuse, why don’t I completely allow myself to play my age, why do I have to play some of the future ‘me’ now in the present? Why is it so much required to try to be the expected and live a failed?


Balakrishna said...

it conveyed the meaning crisply :)

everything burns... said...

if u havent seen failure...u'll never recognize success...

Anonymous said...

I agree with everything burns: Chin up and move on. :)

prerana said...

hey ..its true...craving for anything doesnt bring that thing to u....
nice writing style...thanks for stooping by and commenting ...i do have an english blog too...do check it out whenever free...

Prianca said...

nice post.
crisp and to-the-point.
nd blog rolled u too.:p

~vagabond~ said...

Failures are only failures if you label them that way. And living life perfectly as is expected of you can get a little overbearing. Shed the expectations and accept the "failures" as life experiences and you'll be fine. I think.

Fida said...

There are no failures, we just gain experience :-))
I am more than double your age and still collecting experiences, go figure!
Happy New Year, and may you gain insight in many things...

Rahul said...

success is a journey my friend...the old saying will last forever...one success is only a milestone, you won't see it after u hav passed it

Lena said...

well... even though failure is never an option we got to deal with it all the time.. success does not come instantly... it is deserved through ups and downs :)

Ravish said...

Dude, u got a pretty decent female fan following... high time, i guess i should also start blogging :P

shootingstar said...

"Fear of failure is worse than failure itself"

kunal said...

hope it did.
@everything burns.
ya very right.. i agree with u.
i agree with both of u :)
'shedding expatations' is the word
u brought one more insightful thought.
hey man u know everybody has some or the other very insightful opinion for success.. its so good to see that all in here.
right again
ya its high time man.. go ahead not for girls or guys but urself.
@shooting star.
punch line dear.