Wednesday, December 10, 2008

god planned

“She has done an MBA, now working in a big MNC, what more do you want? Next Sunday we are going to see her for you and you are coming along”. Had he just added another sentence “she is beautiful”, my wait of a week would have gone peacefully, remembering the romantic memories of future. The week in my office and elsewhere went so monotonously creepy with just one question, which kept reverberating each time I saw a new girl,” Is she like this?”.
Few faces which always went unnoticed started staring at me as though reminding me of my bad deeds and saying,” She is one like us, hehe”. Oh! That was so frightening.
“Are you ready, we are late”? Can’t he see? I did not want to go.
I stepped out of the back seat of the car where I was squashed in between my parents and their obstinate proposal.
The girl’s house had old and repairable walls and roof. Television was the latest, furniture was new. The girl’s father had lavishly spent his daughter’s money, as though his last wish had come true.
Elders were talking and laughing about every insignificant likes and incidents of their lives, which they in any other situation would not have found them equally amusing.
I was totally uninvolved in their talks, so I kept a permanent smile for obvious reasons.
There was already a tiny time bomb planted in my heart a week ago and only now it was clocking faster, ready to blast any moment.
The curtain on the kitchen door flicked to a side more than usual and out came the mystery which I never wanted to unveil and at the same time was unable to wait for it to get unveiled.
The permanent smile I wore was lost; blood was getting pumped even to those parts which are meant to be dead, like my hair and nails. Her every step towards me was making me react to things slower and slower. The sudden rush of blood to my mouth stopped, my mouth remained gapping and dead.
“She is Urvashi, my daughter”. Did I just hear,” she is Urvashi, from heaven”.
“Chai”. I just heard the most beautiful voice and saw the most lovable eyes of my life. My jaws regained their position, only my jaws for that matter.
The bomb in my heart went off, popping out a single word ‘Urvashi’, just like boxes which pop open with a boxing punch or a paper snake.
My eyes followed her everywhere forgetting to act shy.

I thanked god for having such beautiful plans for me.


d gypsy! said...


sudhir said...

That was a nice one ... perfectly suitable to each one of us... i mean our group ... coz we are gonna do that... but would have been more interesting if you could extend it bit more upto marriage......

Good going champ actually ur blogs have become a part of my daily routine... giving relief to ma mind in this recession...

kunal said...

@ gypsy
your smiley means a lot to amateur bloggers like me, hope it means go on :)
@ sudhir,
this one was really meant to impress only u.

whencatrawman said...

Hey Kunal,

This is a charming post man ..... Simple and elegant !

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Prakhar said...

hahahah...gud one :)...felt like a scene from a the news??

Prianca said...

i liked this post
written definitely from man's point of view
but nice. hope you have a great life planned ahead

kunal said...

thanks man
was just a dream :)
ya sort of
ya man's point of view.. thanks.

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