Thursday, December 11, 2008

american recession and indian me

“Hope and change have come through America”, President-elect Mr. Obama was giving this historic speech when I was called by my boss from the lounge, where I had been watching it. Project was submitted on time last week and the current project is speeding under me, so I hoped for good news, at least not a bad one.
“After USA was recently hit badly by recession, my friend “, my boss continued,” many businesses have gone scrap”, I was wondering at why he chose me to unload his economic awareness upon, but I couldn’t wonder for longer because he crisply ended saying,” The project you were working is scraped and so are you”.
Was I supposed to ask the reason or was I supposed to say thank you for your best wishes or was I supposed to fall down like someone who had a heart attack or was I supposed to go back to watch television, so that my boss would call me again to say something different, like,” Didn’t you hear what Obama just said!!!!!!! Change has come through America to you”.
No matter how many times I brought myself to my boss’s office to hear something different, he would have meant the same.
The reality was I was fired because my timely submission of the project didn’t stop America from ‘recession’.

Having been kicked my butt out; I was walking out of the office when I heard a screeching voice,” Baba Allah ke naam pe dede”. Was someone asking me for a job? I turned back to see a shabby beggar, more shabby than the usual ones, I thought, is he too hit by recession?
He was gaping at me with a look of ‘hope and change’, emphasizing more on ‘change’ thing. I scrabbled for change in my pocket and handed him a 50 paisa coin, he gaped at the coin for a long time and looked up again at me as if he wanted to say,’ recession period saar” and before this recession could swallow me up, I was gone.


sudhir said...

Thats called bulls eye cutie....banged right on the wound....thats a real fact and the blend of humour which you added really makes it interesting....very expressive language specially "change"....good going man.... im already in your fan club.... jas to suggest may be you can enhance ur vocabilary... you rock sweetheart... now ur blogs r part of my daily routine... whats next...

Sudha Rangarajan said...

hey i dont know whether this is a piece of fiction or ur own experience.. i just hope its the former.. But as you said we are banking upon Obama ironically to set things right for America and for us too!!

kunal said...

@ sudhir,
thanks for all ur suggestion, i will work on my vocab

hey its a fiction, and thanks for visiting.

wildflower said...

i js hope ur joking..rnt u ;)

sur said...

Hey Kunal,
This is my first visit to your blog, I initially thought, man..he writes such long posts, I am definitely not going to read more than one. I started and read 3 entries without pausing even for a second. Your style is very nice, profound and captivating. God going, and I am bound to revisit.

kunal said...

200% joking
thanks a lot...

Ria said...

well written and u hav a very lucid style of writing.

Prakhar said...

good one!!..nice flow...some recession dream??

kunal said...

thanks a lot.
thanks for flowing in a comment.

swati said...

hey,a good one dear..n happier to knw that it was a joke...:)

Indrajit Ghosal said...

Liked the way u write. Sure wd com bk aagain..

~vagabond~ said...

Nicely written. :)
Goes to show whatever happens economically in America causes ripple effects everywhere else.

kunal said...

ya sort of
thanks man