Tuesday, December 2, 2008


On the tip-off from an old tribe in the great deserts, about the oldest desert civilization, two archaeologists decided to explore the deepest depths of the great desert- Sahara.
After collecting all the information and ration they left for the jungle of sand.
The first archaeologist was a very intelligent, highly analytical and highly skilled. The second one was relatively a naïve, but enthusiastic, a subordinate of the intelligent one.

11 days passed, there was no sign of anything, and the air in the hot sun became so thin that it was difficult to breath.
“God save us, show us the way, the correct away” the intelligent archeologist fumed, taking out his compass and binoculars.
“Sir why don’t we just keep moving, maybe the tribes were wrong about the said location, maybe it required more days”.
“No, they said, 8 days of journey will reach us to the spot”.
“And it’s the 12th day sir”.

They both decided to rest. “We will decide about what we are going to do next, tomorrow morning” said the boss.
“We are not left with enough water, we have to search for an oasis now” said the senior the next morning.
The subordinate agreed without a voice, forgetting that he actually came to find something else.
The sun on the 13th day afternoon was very near to the earth. It was the biggest sun both the archaeologists had ever seen.
After moving for some distance, the subordinate yelled “sir there you see”.
“Where?” came the reply.
“There the oasis, you see”.
Seeing through the binoculars the senior said,” have you ever heard of mirages?”
There was no reply.
“I think we have to analyze the wind’s direction, according to my knowledge…blah blah blah blah…………….. This is the direction to the oasis”, the superior said.
They traveled in the decided direction for just some time when the junior yelled again,” Oasis ahead”.
“Mirage, its just mirage”
“Sir, I will go ahead to see myself if it’s really a mirage?”
“Alright! But you will have to take only little water with you, I will be waiting for you here, but let me warn you that you are just wasting your energy”.

The junior left in a direction straight ahead.

“God it is almost night, the junior has not returned till now.”
“I will have to search for oasis soon myself”, thought the senior.

Next day, and the days next, for five days, the senior moved in all the directions, analyzing, deducing and at last returning to the same place from where he had left.
Water was over. The sweat was dried up, to form salt.
The sun sucked every onus of energy from him. When he smelled in the air that death was now irrevocable, he remembered his junior and whispered in air,” I am coming to you”.
Those were his last words as a man living earth.

The senior’s soul was taken to god. God had good things for him. God sent him to heaven.
The senior was looking for his subordinate. At last he thought to himself, “maybe in a day or two he will be here”.
Days passed
.Years passed.
50 years later. A soul, old, and looking satisfied with life on earth was roaming when someone called upon him.
“Hey, you! Where were you, I have been searching for you from the past 50 years”.
“Even I searched for you sir, all over the desert, with the men I found on the oasis”.
“I died after just 5 days, after you left. I never thought you would find the oasis”.
“I never thought that you will not find one” reciprocated junior.
“Please tell me, how did you find the oasis?” the senior curiously asked.
“Sir, when I left from you, I was actually following a mirage, wherever I stopped, it stopped too, and whenever I moved, it moved too, in the same direction as mine”.
“Everytime it moved away from me, everytime it despised me, everytime it vanished, I kept moving, I kept chasing it”.
“And then suddenly one day, I was the only thing moving, the oasis stood there fixed.”

“And I kept moving around in circles never moving out of the analyzing and deducing loop”. Said the senior.

“Can you see down sir, to the place where I left you?”
Both looked down to the earth, to the place where they left each other in the desert.

It was surrounded by oases. Oases all around.

“Had I moved in any single direction. Had I believed in something as silly as a mirage and just moved”.
"You should run after a mirage to find an oasis"


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