Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Country, My Religion

Men of religion have become less tolerant. In fact, they always were and they always will be. Religion was a bright idea, which was meant to propagate universal brotherhood by the prophets of religion, like a country which limited the concept of brotherhood to its own land, on a smaller scale.
Thousands of wars were fought by men to either expand the boundaries of their religion or to save it from shrinking or extinction, just like men of countries did.
Could the prophets have fought wars to save or to expand their idea of oneness? No, is the only answer. Then why have the followers of religion waged wars?
As the followers they are and the followers are they, did the duty of fencing the ideas of their prophet by laying down the rules in the form of books and became proud of their religion and thus intolerant of anyone who overlooked or affronted it, just like the men of countries did.
The men of countries inherit a frog’s view and so do the followers of a religion. These men from generation to generation have taught their children to be proud of their country or their religion and to follow it just like a follower does.
Why do we men forget to see the real message and act blind? Why do we always love to be a follower and not a prophet himself? Why do we not become the prophets of oneness, which was what a prophet wanted us to be? Why do we become frogs when we are offered amendments?


surbhi said...

Why sudden outburst about religion? talking about it, have you read Angles and Demons? Was it the inspiration behind the blog?

Prianca said...

ohhk, so there you go
m still wondering what provoked you to write this wonderfully thought provoking blog on an issue as complex and sensitive as religion?

couldn't help agreeing with you. i often wonder if all of us (like u, like me nd ol d oders who agree with wat u say) do understand d very basic fact about religion, than how come there r so many wars nd conflicts regarding this issue?