Thursday, February 19, 2009

Shakespearian tragedy

The two protagonists of Shakespeare’s drama are talking about the course of the drama behind the curtains just before the play is about to start.
Character1: We both start as best friends, but to end the drama tragically enough we both fall in love with the same lady.
Character2: To give it a twist, the lady loves you but I get to marry her.
Characher1: because you speak up and I remain silent.
Character 2: Yaw, but I get heartache when she tells me that she had loved you.
Character 1: And then you start despising me, so much that you contemplate to kill me, waiting for the right chance to come.
Character 2: Incidentally you come to know that my wife was in love with you; you confront your love to her and hatch a plot to kill me. I don’t get to know about this.
Character 1: And while coming out of your home, you stab my back with a dagger out of jealousy and spite; I turn around in pain and stare at you coyly (as if I was about to beg you to have used a sharper dagger); but you strike again, this time thwarting my heart. I fall.
Character 2: feeling of anger and envy gives way to feeling of miserable satisfaction. I reach home and as soon as I enter the door I am smacked with something very hard. Blood squirt out of head. I get hit again till I loose consciousness and fall to the ground. I just get to see a blurred glimpse of my wife with an iron bar in her hands watching me dying.

Character 1: hey we both meet our ends, what did the women lose.
Character 2: like most of the women on earth, she gets to loose THE MAN WHO LOVED HER AND THE MAN WHOM SHE LOVED.

Curtains open and the drama starts.


Prianca said...

you know wat, your post is sexist in nature. But i couldnt stop laughing in the end.
being a literature student, i've had a harrowing time trying to criticize shakespeare's plays and analyse them.
but this is the best pre-analysis i've ever come across. still, it is sexist. but chalo, maaf kiya....:p

waise, konse play ki baat ho rahi hai yahaan?

Kunjal said...

Hi!!!seems like we are soon going to witness Kunalism:)

everything burns... said...


prerana said...

different !!!! keep it up !! :-)

kunal said...

hey its not a shakespear play. its just a random idea.

i guess kunjalism sounds better

@everything burns



Priya said...

Very well written.Very dramatic but didactic.Good work! Different!

kunal said...


Ya i find it didactic too :)

sur said...

Yet again a novel thought..Its amazing how you think of such deep things and make them appear so general..Good read!!

Little Girl Lost said...

Funny and sad at the same time. deliciously poignant...