Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I can't live without you

‘No stop, I am sorry!’ These were the words that in a way had made him leave the place he lived in. His home, which until a few years back was a place of love, compassion and forgiveness, has turned into a graveyard of these same things.
His house has lost its memory; it doesn’t behave the old way. Things fall anytime from anywhere. It has become a place where two people madly in love have become complete strangers for each other.
How long can a man live with a stranger. Not longer than a train journey.
He found strangers all the quite same. They all seem to be happy when you are sad and they all seem to feel suspicious when you are happy.
The place he has just come was not where he wished to get down. But the idea of a lot of strangers in a single place was working up against his mind. He took a break from the journey. A journey he still didn’t know was to nowhere.
When his hands rested on the handrail of the escalator, face looking up, mind looking back, he heard few words. The words as though sent deliberately by The God were whispered in his ears. ‘I can’t live without you’.
He immediately looked around to find no one speaking.
He had the answer, whispered in his ears, to a question he forgot to ask himself in her bad times, from the time she was declared a patient of amnesia.
‘No, I am sorry!’ In his heart he meant apology, responsibility and above all his undying love.
He looked up. He felt as though he stood on a path to ascension, a path which would lead him back into her arms.
He took a train back. He couldn’t avoid grinning at her beautiful memories. Good memories are bad news for Time. It just has to vanish itself.
He shouted out her name the moment he flung open the gates. He again shouted when he flung open the front door of his home. He filled her name in the air. But there was no one breathing back. Nobody’s heart raced back at his voice.

He sensed her presence and her disappointment in the room upstairs.
He climbed up to the place. The smell grew more, the one with a larger proportion of disappointment and small proportion of her presence.

His trembling hands creak opened the door.

Thud!!! He fell down. His legs and arms behaved dead at what he looked at.

Her beautiful eyes were popped out. Her tongue was apologetically hung.

After many hours his damp eyes took notice of a letter on the bed.

‘ Dear, I want to do it before I forget how much I love you, before I forget how much trouble and pain I cause you everyday, before I forget that you have left me, before you come back and stop me from doing it.
My ascension to heaven or hell can’t erase you from my heart. I would always remember that someone loved me so much to even forgive me for walking out of his life.
In heaven or hell, I know, I can’t live without you’.

I have wrtten it for a contest : http://clarityofnight.blogspot.com/
I have exceeded the word limit though of 250 words

PS 2: i have edited it to 250 words now.

My. post no is #100 in the contest


BlanyAshwin said...

thanks kunal for the link http://clarityofnight.blogspot.com/

I wrote 1 as well... hope that our stories make it.... Ur story rocks bro.... keep writing

Kunjal said...

Hi!!heart touching story!!!
why don't you try to cut it short to 250 words?even mine was earlier around 447 cos I thought they will not be counting the connectors but when I checked other entries i omitted many lines from the original:)

JR's Thumbprints said...

I left the following comment over at Jason's: Again, escalators evoke memories of arrivals and departures. In this case, she truly departed.

Good luck with the contest.

sur said...

Nice Story!!

everything burns... said...

hmmm... when we get to know a person completely, we more often than not, find out that we know nothing about them... and by that time, we are too much in love with the person in our mind...to let go....

Anonymous said...

Nice. :)

Cow-Herd said...

Vairy vairy nice :)
Methinks you shd just edit to 250 and submit. What do u have to lose?

d gypsy! said...

good luck with the contest

Preetilata【ツ】 said...

nice one kunal.

all the best for d contest. :)

Sudha Rangarajan said...

nice read man :)!
good story!
Good luck with the contest!!